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By reina del mar
owner of Hoja De Menta

Since the beginning, Hoja De Menta Boutique has been more than just a clothing store. It’s a combination of personal passion, professional experience, and a deep-rooted connection to the Ave Maria community. Reina Del Mar, the creative force behind Hoja De Menta, shares her inspiring journey from celebrity stylist to boutique owner, and the evolution of her establishment over the years.

Hoja De Menta was born out of her desire to bring her expertise in high fashion to the local community. Starting as an online store during the challenging times of the pandemic, she quickly garnered engagement and support from residents. Recognizing the demand for personalized styling services, she opened her physical boutique in Ave Maria, transforming her dream into a reality.

The success and growth of Hoja De Menta can be attributed to her authenticity and dedication to her clients. She goes above and beyond to understand their lifestyles and special events, providing a one-on-one personal styling experience that fosters strong connections and loyalty.

Staying connected with her customers is paramount for Reina. Through regular social media updates, including posts, video reels, and try-on hauls, she keeps her audience engaged and informed about the latest arrivals and fashion trends.

What sets Hoja De Menta apart from other retailers is its commitment to excellence at every touchpoint. From the quality of products to personalized service and consistent engagement, she ensures that her boutique maintains its unique identity while meeting the diverse needs of its clientele.

Hoja De Menta has garnered notable recognition, including a fashion segment on Telemundo, showcasing its influence in the local fashion community. Looking ahead, she is excited to introduce the latest spring/summer collection and celebrate the boutique’s fourth anniversary with special promotions and events, including a glamorous fashion show and after-party on MAY 4th. (mark your calendars)

For aspiring entrepreneurs, she offers sage advice: trust in your vision, stay focused on your goals, and 

never compare yourself to others. Let faith guide your journey, keep your dreams alive, and above all, remain humble and grounded amidst success.

Hoja De Menta Boutique stands as a testament to Reina’s passion for fashion, community, and empowering others through style. As she continues to inspire and uplift Ave Maria, her boutique remains a beacon of creativity, connection, and couture.

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